Ambassador Spotlight Series - Meet Jordan Nazario

By: Kathleen Paige


     Jordan Nazario

Founder of KLVR Marketing   |   Student at Pennsylvania State University


       Introducing Jordan, a Junior at Pennsylvania State University studying finance. Originally born in Peru, Jordan moved to Long Island,NY at the age of 5, where he grew up and later attended High School. From a young age Jordan has always shown interest in Entrepreneurship. Working hard and understanding the value of patience and dedication, these philosophies inspired Jordan to change his mindset. Being a straight A student for the majority of his education career, Jordan loved to learn and read and often felt that school was “too easy” for him. Searching for a deeper challenge and a more rigorous routine Jordan’s cousin taught him the basic steps of entrepreneurship when he was only 6 or 7 years old! With a simple business of buying and reselling hats, Jordan realized there were more opportunities to sell more items.

       Creating his own business, Jordan’s main focus is currently on helping individuals monetize their own personal brand. He aims to help people who are good at things but just need a push in the right direction. This is all possible for Jordan through the power of Social Media. With Instagram at the tips of his fingers he helps these individuals find influencers who can generate a certain audience that will appeal to their brand. He then seeks to establish a relationship through the direct message feature on Instagram.

        Learning how to make money at a young age became an advantage to Jordan in his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. To Jordan, entrepreneurship is a solution to a problem. “There is a difference between being a business owner and an entrepreneur” he tells us. “Being an entrepreneur; it’s a solution to solving a problem” he continues, “as an entrepreneur I’m solving a problem that people have.”

       We were interested to see how Jordan finds the individuals for his business, his answer was so original but also very well thought out. “The first thing I look for is if they have any siblings, I usually tend to go towards the oldest because the oldest are leaders, the middle one is the negotiator and the youngest gets their way all the time, so if I need a sales guy I want the youngest.” If he decides to go with a leader for his project, he finds about 20 of them and puts them on a phone call. Jordan tends to search for the one with the most credibility, “if you tell someone you have 10 other people a lot of them will quit on the spot, they aren’t ready to work.” Jordan takes his business very seriously and the two biggest factors he tends to look for are credibility and responsibility.

       With the YED summit approaching we were interested in hearing what brought Jordan to be interested in working with us. After investing $1000 into a business trip, Jordan was able to gain positive insight and an abundance of connections to lead to where he is now. “You can do anything you put your mind to a lot of people don’t believe in mentors and think you can do it all yourself”. Jordan wants to partner with YED because he understands that we value the important of a connection amongst mentors and students

        Jordan has big plans for his future by creating an affordable service for people who have the talent but not the connections.  We are thrilled to bring Jordan on!


"I want to head down the line and change the world"

- Jordan Nazario

Jordan Williams