Ambassador Spotlight Series - Meet Lans Powell

Meet Lans Powell

By: Kathleen Paige

"It's all about the ambition and the passion to make something of myself"


Lans Powell

Student at Northeastern University 


Recently YED Corp had the opportunity to chat with one of our new ambassadors Lans Powell. Lans is originally from Jamaica but moved to the United States at the age of 6 where he resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Majoring in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University, Lans likes to focus on the business side of things.  “I remember being little just thinking of potential business ideas that would make me rich” he explained, “it's all about the ambition and the passion to make something of myself.”

To Lans, Entrepreneurship is about chasing your dreams: making sure you don't rely on others and creating something of your own. Rather than working on everyone else's roads he wants to make his own lane for himself. Being able to not rely on others brings a unique passion to Lans. “Ambitious, passionate driven, and a self starter” are three words Lans uses to describe a good entrepreneur. Having his sister as a role model she continues to inspire him through engineering and personal aspects.  He uses resources at his school that give him constant support on campus. Besides the hectic school work that comes his way, Lans has more than one way of staying busy. He is currently developing his own iPhone accessory that would provide convenient storage on the back of the phone similar to a card wallet, but would also store headphones. Besides this, he is in the beginning stages of designing his own clothing line and is excited to bring that to light within the next few months.

To him YED Corp is a great opportunity to connect with other young entrepreneurs. Similar to our goals he thinks networking is an important asset in the business world. When asked what drew him to Yed Corp he told us that he enjoyed the notion of  “Gathering resources and supporting one another to a level where our ideas are being very successful.” With a vast network at Northeastern, Lans fully understands the purpose and goal of bringing so many people together. Lans is joining YED Corp in hopes to expand his networking, and branch out to meet other people who are pursuing their own businesses. After college Lans plans to work corporate until establishing himself, from there he hopes to focus on his own dreams and aspirations. We are excited to bring Lans on board and see him at the YED Summit this July 21st in NYC.


Jordan Williams